Jamaica is Open, But What Can You Expect

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We were all happy and excited to hear that Jamaica was opening up for travelers for the first time since the Coronavirus pandemic on June 15.  
Like many destinations that have reopened their borders to tourists there will be restrictions and policies that you must follow. 
All arriving visitors will be required to undergo a temperature check, and follow local safety protocols like social distancing and wearing face masks.
Walking along a beach in Jamaica
Jamaican officials are conducting Covid-19 health risk assessments prior to arrival in Jamaica, this is being done by completing a travel authorization application.  
One of our fellow travel advisors in our agency was one of the first flights landing back in Jamaica.  She said that things were literally changing while they were in the air.  For the first time ever Jamaican officials asked customs to do searches before leaving the states.  Most importantly, if you haven't completed the travel authorization application for approval they WILL NOT under any circumstances allow you to get on the plane.  They booted 27 people off her flight because they didn't complete the form and get travel approval.  
After landing since she was coming from the states she was given a coronavirus test and they were given quarantine orders which varies depending on if you are there for vacation or to visit family but both are for 14 days even if your results are negative.
There is a coronavirus-resilient corridor running along the island's northern coast from Negril to Port Antonio. Keeping visitors along this corridor allows their movement fo e tracked.  The tracking is done through the jamcovid19 app which you download upon arrival in the presence of a soldier so that they can confirm that you did in fact download the mandatory app. You will be required to do a mandatory 3 second video check-in daily for 14 days and a nurse may or may not come to check temperatures on a daily basis. 
This includes daily curfew and no more than 10 people sitting together in restaurants, etc..  All of the resorts have limited their capacity in public areas and beaches and public areas.
Woman on Beach in Jamaica
These guidelines are changing rapidly, so be sure to keep up with what is going on in Jamaica before you leave on your vacation.  It really could cost you your vacation. 
Now more than ever with the changing travel environment it really is important to get the help of a professional travel advisor.

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