Meet The Team

Daily Departures Travel
Founded in 2004 by Valerie Jeffers and Dana Kilgore.  We pride ourselves on excellent customer service, to us you are more than just a customer; you're a friend.
We strive to create an experience that is not only makes your planning easier but is actually fun! We are so fortunate to work in an industry that gives our customers so much joy and allows them to make amazing memories with their families and friends.  
You truly experience life through your travels and we hope to assist you in getting out there in the world and experiencing amazing adventures for yourself.  
Daily Departures Travel supports responsible tourism and conservation of the both the environment and wildlife.   We are proud members of the Cincinnati Zoo and support many shelter pet projects.  Adopt Don't Shop!
Valerie Jeffers
Founder and CEO
Luxury Travel Coordinator
Valerie is an Ohio native with a degree in Sociology from Wright State University. She is an Air Force daughter and currently lives in the shadows of Wright Patterson Air Force Base. Valerie developed her love of travel from all the stories she heard from her parent's time in Japan and other countries.
She has been a passionate travel coordinator since 2004. She has had a love of travel since her childhood and she channels that love into each and every trip she plans.  She has a passion for all things Disney and is a graduate of the Disney College of Knowledge and travels there personally at least once every year.  She is constantly training and striving to learn all she can about our supplier's products and destinations across the globe.  Her new certifications include expert status in both ocean and river cruises.
Her other specialties include all-inclusive resorts and she is a Certified Sandals Specialist.  Valerie is also an expert in group travel and specifically, destination weddings since she came into travel from the wedding and event planning industry.
Dana Kilgore
Founder and CEO
Group Travel Coordinator /Theme Park Specialist
Dana is an Ohio native with a Southern, Irish, English, and Cherokee background.  She has a degree in Sociology from Wright State University and loves working every day with her childhood friend Valerie.  She came into the travel business from the hospitality and event planning industry, which explains her love of planning.  She loves to cook and really enjoys trying out new recipes she's discovered on her travels.  She is also a frequent visitor of Nashville and the Tennessee mountains.
She loves all things Disney and is a graduate of the Disney College of Knowledge.  Dana's Irish family background is just one reason why she loves planning trips to Ireland, she is currently working on her expert certification for Ireland.
Dana's other specializations include Universal Orlando, Hawaii and group travel.

Lacie Burdette

Disney and Family Travel

Lacie Burdette is a dedicated professional at the University of Dayton, bringing her expertise and passion to her role. With a degree in Liberal Arts, she combines her love for education with a commitment to lifelong learning.

Beyond her professional life, Lacie finds joy in spending quality time with her loving family, creating delicious culinary delights in the kitchen, and embarking on exciting travel adventures. Her favorite destinations include the enchanting world of Disney in Florida, the serene landscapes of Tennessee, and any place that brings her closer to the soothing embrace of the beach.

Lacie's zest for life is evident in her diverse interests and her ability to balance work, family, and leisure with grace and enthusiasm.


Certified Autism Travel Professional