Universal Orlando The Bourne Stuntacular – Is it worth the wait?

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The Bourne Stuntacular is Open At Universal Orlando, Worth the Wait?

The Bourne Stuntacular opened this week at Universal Orlando Resort.  The question on our minds is whether if worth the wait.  Universal is incorporating social distancing in all of their indoor shows, as they should be doing. They are placing appropriate distancing between parties traveling together and to avoid congestion staff members are assisting with seating and exiting the theatres.  They are also  limiting the number of guests inside and doing aggressive cleaning between shows, and yes you will be required to wear a face mask in the show.  All of these things mean a longer wait time for shows.  
So, what makes this show different from other Universal stunt shows in the past?  Let's take a look.
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Entering the queue be sure to take in the props from the films including his motorcycle and the car from the iconic chase scene in the Bourne Identity.
The first thing you'll notice is we enter into a brand new storyline in the Bourne Universe, but we were really thrilled to see Julia Stiles reprising her role for this show.    We also discovered that Frank Marshall , the director and producer of the the films worked closely with Universal to create an authentic feel.  
It was really exciting to see how they brought the movie to life.  This show is heads above previous shows at Universal.  We really felt like we were a part of the action.  The sets were amazing with great visuals and real vehicles.  The special effects were realistic and put you right in the action using fire, smoke and wind.  Hang onto your seat as you travel through Tangier, D.C. and Dubai .  This leaves you feeling like you were an actual part of the movie.
Oh, and you could be recruited to keep an eye on Jason Bourne.
Overall, we would say this show is definitely worth the wait and much better than Universal shows in the past. The visuals, stunts and technology are really improved from past shows.   Our recommendation, check it out on your next visit to Universal Orlando.
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