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Today my Facebook memories popped up with my girls' trip to Nashville from 3 years ago.  We had an amazing time visiting The Ryman and hitting Broadway listening to some great bands.  It was a trip we were planning on repeating this past spring but we had to delay due to Covid.
We know we aren't the only one missing traveling with our friends and families. A recent study conducted by Hilton shows that an amazing 94% of Americans are missing hitting the road and plan to make it a priority in the future.  
The study showed that travel ranked near the top of what created "happy memories" for those that responded.  I know how much I miss traveling with my best friends and my aunt.  It showed that 134 million Americans said that travel has given them lifelong memories and is more important to them than a favorite piece of jewelry or their smartphones.
Travel is unstoppable what gives us something to look forward to, admit it we are never happier than we are when we're planning our next vacation.
I know I agree with everyone that says they are not going to put off taking trips, being more adventurous or taking those bucket list trips.  
We are looking forward to getting our BFF's together again for an ultimate beach vacation in Turks and Caicos.  We've missed seeing our friends over these past few months so planning a great trip is the perfect medicine.  Why, because I don't need to medicate with cake and ice cream anymore!
Travel feeds the soul! So, where are you planning on traveling in 2021?
Remember the importance of using a professional travel coordinator when making vacation plans. There were way too many horror stories and still are, all of which could have been avoided. 

What's On Your Bucket List?

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