Destination Weddings

A destination wedding can make your "I Do's" even more spectacular!  Imagine your ceremony at a stately Irish castle, in romantic Paris or on a breathtaking stretch of beach in the Caribbean.  It could all be yours with a destination wedding planned by Daily Departures Travel.  

Why have a destination wedding?  There are lots of reasons, here are a few:

  1.  Quality time with friends and family.  
  2. Save money on decor 
  3. Stand out from your friends- Only about 25 % of couples do a destination wedding so your wedding will be a stand out with friends and family.
  4. Start the honeymoon early
  5. Daily Departures Travel will give you personalized service helping you create the wedding that is distinctive and a perfect reflection of the both of you with not fees!

Planning your destination wedding with Daily Departures Travel couldn't be easier.  Call or email us today whether your wedding consists of just the two of you or if you want to make it an incredible event for 100 or more. 

We will be with you every step of the way.  Whether you choose an fairy tale castle or beach wedding at a resort we never charge you for our planning services.