Top Ten Ways to Have a Safe Trip


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Top Ten Ways To Stay Safe When You Travel

Discovering new places, meeting new people and experiencing new things is the reason we all travel.  Travel anxiety especially in light of the many things that have been happening across the world is all too common lately.  How can you feel safe while traveling?  It all goes back to the old saying that an ounce of prevention is better than a cure.  Here are 10 tips that can help make your travels safer and hopefully reduce some anxiety about traveling ,

  1.  Be Aware of Your Surroundings- No matter where you travel whether its within the United States or Internationally always be aware of your surroundings.  Walk around town or resorts with at least one other person.  Don’t venture out by yourself into towns that you are not familiar with or have never visited.  Basically, keep your eyes and ears open at all times.  Don’t walk around aimlessly with your head in your phone.

      2.Don’t Dress Like a Tourist- Try to blend in with the locals.  Don’t walk around with expensive camera equipment, lots of luggage and huge duffle bags.  Let’s face it tourists are sitting                  ducks to pickpockets.

      3.  Don’t Drink Too Much- This pretty much goes back to being aware of your surroundings.  Just because you are at an all inclusive resort and drinks are included doesn’t mean you                          should go nuts.  You really aren’t in control of yourself if you’ve had too much to drinDon’t Flaunt Your Wealth-  Stick to costume jewelry and don’t flash cash around.

      4. Keep Emergency numbers on hand- Make sure you have emergency contact numbers for the local police, fire , etc.. Also, make sure you have your emergency numbers at the ready in                case of lost or stolen passports or travel documents.

       5. Learn about Your Destination- Do some research on the location before you go.  Never be ignorant about your destination.  Know the areas that aren’t safe for tourists, the political                    climate of the area, local customs, etc.. Ask your travel coordinator if you need help.

       6. Be Safe in Transit- Buy train tickets in advance when possible this will help avoid you getting stuck on a late train when the stations can be pretty much empty of other passengers. Be                     aware of your Uber or Lyft driver, make sure you check the car on your app.  You want to make sure you are getting into the correct vehicle and not some random car.

       7. Keep Your Belongings Safe- Buy a small lock for you suitcase not one that calls out that you definitely have something valuable inside.

       8. Keep Your Money Safe- Always notify your bank or credit card company before you travel.  If you don’t you could get blocked due to suspicious activity.  Research the best places to                       exchange your money for local currency, ATM’s could be scarce.

       9.  Don’t Flaunt Your Wealth- Stick to costume jewelry and don’t flash around large amounts of cash.  You might as well put a sign on your back that says ” Please Rob Me”.

      10. Finally, Invest in Travel Insurance- It’s really a small price to pay for your security in case of illness, injury, cancellation and even lost luggage.