Why Do I Need a Travel Advisor for my Vacation?

Why Do I Need a Travel Advisor for my Vacation?

If you have never used a travel advisor or travel coordinator for your travel plans you may think that you don’t need one after the pandemic.  But, if you are planning a trip anytime during the remainder of this year or anytime in the future the answer to the question of whether or not you need to use a professional to assist you with your travel plans is a resounding YES.

Why? Because we live in a strange new world of travel where it’s no longer easy to go online and book air and hotel.  There are too many factors involved, for instance knowing if a destination has a quarantine in place or if reopening dates change.  Do you know the change or refund policy, more to the point is do you want to stay on hold with an online do it yourself travel agency just to get it changed or hopefully get a full refund.  I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t want to wait for that and risk your money.  That’s the job of a professional travel advisor.  Travel is almost unrecognizable right now and you, the traveler needs someone to go to bat for you and make sure you know all the information that’s vital to your vacation.  Understanding and recognizing the need for a professional travel advisor is a discovery many travelers made at a huge cost to themselves.  So many people lost all of their vacation dollars when some online agencies just turned off their phones and closed their doors, not to mention not getting trips changed to another date when it would have been very possible to do so.  Nothing is worse than losing thousands of dollars or having your vacation in limbo.

Any Destination

So, here are 10 things a travel advisor can do for you on your post pandemic trip!

  1.  Prepare you for your travel experience.  How will the airports, flights and resorts look and feel different right now.
  2. Understand your destination.
  3. Work with trusted and reputable travel suppliers and tour companies.
  4. Hold your hand.
  5. Help you navigate the policies and rules of airlines, airports and your destination.
  6. Be available to you before, during and after your trip.
  7. Help you have a smoother trip
  8. Go the extra mile to ensure that you have a great vacation.
  9. Help you solve any problems that could arise.
  10. Help you secure a refund or date change if necessary

It’s never been more important to use the services of a travel advisor.  The world of travel is filled with problems and questions right now, so it’s so important to have a real person that you know and trust to help you navigate not only through your planning process but throughout your trip.

Valerie Jeffers is co-owner and a travel coordinator with Daily Departures Travel.  You can reach her at valerie@dailydeparturestravel.com.  Follow Daily Departures Travel on Facebook and Instagram